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A Forum for Late Ancient and Early Medieval Germanic Archaeology

In the face of numerous conspicuous recent archaeological discoveries and the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of international research…

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4th Meeting – Barbarian Archaeology

The Lombards North of Milan: Centres of power between the rivers Adda and Ticino.

Cairate (Varese), Auditorium – ex-church of Santi Ambrogio e Martino, 21st September 2019

3rd Meeting – Barbarian Archaeology

Migrations, clans and cultures: archaeology and science. 

Milan, Catholic University, 18th May 2018

2nd Meeting – Barbarian Archaeology

Town and country: cultures, settlements and economy (6th – 9th centuries)

Milan, Catholic University, 15th May 2017

1st Meeting – Barbarian Archaeology

Lombard archaeology: data and methods for new analytical paths.

Milan, Catholic University, 2nd May 2016


Archeologia Barbarica 4

I Longobardi a nord di Milano. Centri di potere tra Adda e Ticino


Archeologia Barbarica 3

Migrazioni, clan, culture: archeologia, genetica e isotopi stabili

Archeologia Barbarica 2

Città e campagna: culture, insediamenti, economia (Secc. VI-IX)

Archeologia Barbarica 1

Archeologia dei Longobardi: dati e metodi per nuovi percorsi di analisi