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A Forum for Late Ancient and Early Medieval Germanic Archaeology

In the face of numerous conspicuous recent archaeological discoveries and the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of international research…

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Meetings and Conferences


Longobards: culture, society, power, economy 

Grosseto, MAAM

26-27 May 2023

6th Meeting – Barbarian Archaeology

Raids and rituals? Reopening of early medieval graves

Milan, Catholic University

9th December 2022 (online)

5th Meeting – Barbarian Archaeology

Barbarian presences in the 5th century in Italy and nearest regions

Milan, Catholic University,

10th September 2021 (online)

4th Meeting – Barbarian Archaeology

The Lombards North of Milan: Centres of power between the rivers Adda and Ticino

Cairate (Varese),

21st September 2019


Archeologia Barbarica 6

Presenze barbariche nel V secolo in Italia e regioni contermini

Archeologia Barbarica 5

Il Barbaricum:

una periferia che si fece centro

Archeologia Barbarica 4

I Longobardi a nord di Milano. Centri di potere tra Adda e Ticino

Archeologia Barbarica 3

Migrazioni, clan, culture: archeologia, genetica, isotopi stabili